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WoodForce Customers are happy with the new forestry software

WoodForce™ is a web-based software service with the flexibility to suit diverse business processes within the forest industry worldwide.
WoodForce™ is developed in cooperation with three major Finnish forest companies: Metsä Group, Metsähallitus and Stora Enso, and their partner contractors. The outcome is a streamlined supply chain that benefits both the forest companies and the contractors.



Having this holistic planning system throughout the forest sector is a major development leap. It advances the development of the forestry industry in the future. I believe that the whole forest sector will benefit from the change..”

Heikki Kääriäinen, Director Timber Supply, Metsähallitus

Stora Enso

We want to be promoting and enabling contractors with the ability to work for several forest companies to increase productivity. This benefits all parties.

Jari Mutanen, Supply Manager Wood Supply Finland, Stora Enso

Metsä Group

Metsä Group

Working for more than one forest company increases job opportunities and smooths seasonal fluctuations. Cost-effectiveness is enhanced when the contractor needs only one system and hardware.

Heikki Karhunen, Director, Metsä Group

WoodForce for Silviculture


WoodForce™ is easy to use and it makes everyday work go significantly smoother. You can use WoodForce™ with a smartphone, so expensive equipment purchases are not required. Also, work planning is very fluent with WoodForce™.

Teemu Moilanen, Silviculture Service Contractor, Kuljetusliike Veljekset Moilanen